Non-mesh hernia repairs
By highly experienced surgeons

Short waiting list. An operation can be arranged for you within two weeks.

Hernia repairs without mesh
By highly experienced surgeons

Short waiting list. An operation can be arranged for you within two weeks.

Wednesday 24 july 2024



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Wednesday 31 july 2024

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    Leader in Europe

    BioHernia is an international healthcare intermediary that connects individuals and elite athletes with the best non-mesh hernia surgeons in Europe.

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    Performed by an expert surgeon

    Only in the hands of experienced surgeons can our advanced mesh-free surgical techniques guarantee a good outcome. To ensure you get the best results, we have limited our partnerships to a handful of specialist surgeons who perform more than 400 mesh-free hernia repairs every year.

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    Our surgeon interviewed by BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire

    In a recent broadcast by BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, a light is shed on the many patients with chronic groin pain following a hernia repair in NHS hospitals. Our surgeon, Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck, is interviewed to share her expertise in performing non-mesh hernia repairs and mesh removals.

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    hernia care covered by private insurance and nhs

    Latest on Brexit and our services

    Until the 31st of December 2020 it was possible for our British patients to claim the costs of treatment back from the NHS, under EU law. As of that date, it is no longer possible to claim a reimbursement from the NHS. If you wish to receive treatment from us, you are now welcome as a private patient.

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    Our patients rate us highly
    And we are proud of that!

    Thanks to our tailored approach and experienced surgeons, our patients are very satisfied with their operations.

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    Thinking about your long-term health

    For an optimal result and your health in the long term, we choose to treat your hernia(s) without the use of plastic meshes. We use innovative operation methods that provide a quick recovery and excellent results.

     Minimal risk of recurrence
     No chronic ‘mesh pain’
     Best operation methods for active people

    Advantages of our methods

    Uitleg over hoe BioHernia werkt

    How does BioHernia work?

    More about how everything works when you choose us for an operation by one of our surgeons. 

    How biohernia works

    Operatiemethodes BioHernia

    Operation methods

    Read more about our innovative operation methods without mesh and how we ensure a durable result for the long term.

    More about our operation methods

    Trusted in elite sports

    From the Three Lions to UEFA Champions League winners: every year our surgeons treat countless top footballers with hernias. Considering top athletes require the very best care, we are very proud that they, so often, choose our surgeons to repair their hernias.

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