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    Frequently asked

    Where are operations performed?

    Operations by Dr. Andreas Koch or Dr. Martin Wiese are performed close to Berlin (Germany), or in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). If you would like to be treated in London, we can arrange a consultation for you with Dr. Muschaweck by clicking here.

    Why should I travel for the operation?

    Non-mesh hernia repairs are only performed by a handful of surgeons worldwide. As the operation techniques require a lot of skill and experience, we have limited our partnership to three German surgeons. One of our surgeons travels to London once a month to perform operations, but as we have to rent the operating theatre this increases the costs of the operation. Even including travel expenses, having the operation done in Germany, where our surgeons own their own clinics, is a lot more affordable as you do not have to pay extra to make use of the treatment facilities.

    Can I be reimbursed for the operation costs?

    Patients from the UK were able to claim reimbursements from the NHS, for treatment in our clinics in Germany. After the Brexit transition period ended on the 31st of December 2020, patients were no longer able to claim reimbursements from the NHS. You are now welcome as a private patient.

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