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How BioHernia started

What started as a blog to inform other Dutch people, has grown into a global network that connects patients with the best hernia surgeons.

In the summer of 2015 our founder Nahom Welldeiesus was faced with a dilemma. He wanted to have his inguinal hernia treated without the use of plastic mesh, but this was not possible in the Netherlands. After a lot of searching, he found out that it was possible in Germany, after a successful operation by Dr. Koch, he decided to make the process easier for other Dutch people. Based in Amsterdam we help European patients by informing them and helping with planning their desired hernia operation.


A worldwide network
Thousands of people reached

In the years since 2015, BioHernia has been able to reach thousands of people on every continent. It does not stop there, it is our intention to become the largest healthcare intermediary for the best hernia operations in the world.

Mission and Vision
What we stand for


BioHernia strives to make the very best hernia care available to all patients.


It is BioHernia’s ambition to provide the best hernia care to all patients worldwide. In addition to the expertise and techniques used, the core of this ambition lies in the way the patient is treated. We prefer an individualised approach over a standardised approach, and strive to find a tailored solution for each patient.


Dr. Andreas Koch Energie Cottbus

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