Receive Top Sports TreatmentApply now

Receive Top Sports TreatmentApply now

An athlete’s body is worth millions
Isn’t yours as well?


Elite sport surgeons

Have you ever wondered what doctors consult your favourite athletes? Our surgeons annually treat top international sports professionals who suffer from inguinal hernias. 


Rapid recovery

Athletic organisations tend to inflict a lot of pressure upon the rapid recovery of their athletes, leading to the development of innovative treatment methods. This ensures that patients receive a quicker and smoother recovery. 


Affordable care

Many are mistaken in believing that top athletes receive unaffordable care. As our surgeons work from their own private clinics, they are able to keep costs low. 

Elite sport = innovation
The constant urge for improvement

Top level sport demands the constant urge for improvement, both on and off the pitch. These demands accelerate the developments made in the medical fields, resulting in improved surgical methods as well as treatments of common injuries. In terms of inguinal hernias, our surgeons have a pioneering role in developing better surgical conditions and methods for all our patients. 

What does this mean for you?

  • Careful operation with minimal impact on your body
  • Faster and easier recovery after the operation
  • Low chance of recurrence

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Quickly back to fitness
Shorter recovery

With our operation methods, football players are often able to return to the pitch within a week. However, a trained and fit body is not a requirement for a speedy recovery! As the repair of your inguinal hernia is done without the use of mesh, your body is not required to adapt to having a foreign substance inside you. This means that the healing process begins practically immediately after your operation. 

Europe’s top football clubs
Seek our surgeons

Chelsea FC

Manchester City logo

Real Madrid
Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)
Napoli SSC

Are you- or do you represent an elite athlete?

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Famous football players
That were treated by our surgeons

Frank Lampard

Former Chelsea FC & England

Alan Shearer

Former Newcastle United FC & England

Didier Drogba

Chelsea FC

Marco Verratti

Paris Saint-German (PSG)

Michael Owen

Former Newcastle United FC & England

Gareth Barry

Manchester City FC

Mario Balotelli

AC Milan

Xabi Alonso

Real Madrid

Arda Turan

FC Barcelona

Juan Cuadrado


Burak Yilmaz


Jonathan de Guzman

SSC Napoli

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