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BioHernia takes the safety of patients seriously. Thanks to modern equipment and strict rules on hygiene & privacy, we can focus on the safety of our patients: before, during and after the operation.

Patient safety in our care

BioHernia has its roots in patient safety. Providing alternative hernia operations without mesh was our first goal, after seeing the many failed operations in the Netherlands. Gradually the emphasis was placed more and more on the quality of the operation and on a personal approach to each patient: this all with the patient’s safety in mind. The safety in our hernia care is based on the following principles:

√   Good cooperation between BioHernia and partner surgeons

   Always a tailored diagnosis/operation (no standard procedures)

   Regular assessment of the care provided

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Quality of care

A major factor of safety in health care is the quality of the care provided. BioHernia proudly distinguishes itself in the field of quality in hernia care: In terms of operation methods and experience of our surgeons, we can offer you the very best care in Europe. For a comparison, have a look on one of the following pages:

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Free from conflicts of interest
A critical look at healthcare

Many hospitals and surgeons in hernia surgery are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. These companies provide hospitals with many medical supplies, but also sponsor research into the best surgical methods for inguinal hernias. Our doctors are independent and supply their own clinics with the necessary equipment. In addition, they are openly critical of the widespread use of plastic meshes and prefer a tailored approach to each patient.

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BioHernia is careful with your data

As a healthcare provider, we deal with a lot of (confidential) patient data. We are convinced that the protection of your privacy is essential. Therefore we process your personal data according to our local Dutch law. This means that we only collect your data for certain (medical) purposes and that we guarantee the confidentiality of your data.

Who has insight into your data?

Only healthcare providers who are directly involved in your treatment can consult your data. This include: The surgeon, his/her assistants and employees of BioHernia. They only consult your file insofar as necessary for the treatment.

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BioHernia is a registered company

BioHernia is an international healthcare intermediary based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As a company, we therefore comply with Dutch laws and are registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the following number: 66659825

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