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BioHernia connects you with experienced surgeons who can repair your hernia without the use of plastic meshes.

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Our advanced operating techniques without mesh, are only guaranteed to have a good result in the hands of experienced surgeons. Our surgeons perform more than 400 non-mesh hernia operations yearly and can therefore guarantee excellent results for your hernia.

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Our surgeon interviewed by the BBC

In a recent broadcast by BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, a light is shed on the many patients with chronic groin pain following a hernia repair in NHS hospitals. Our surgeon, Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck, is interviewed to share her expertise in performing non-mesh hernia repairs and mesh removals.

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Covered by insurance

Covered by private insurance or the HSE

The medical care offered by our surgeons is covered by the Irish HSE. This is because as a citizen of the European Union, you have the right to access medical treatment in another member state and receive a reimbursement from your own national healthcare services. You can apply before or after the operation, and you will receive a full or partial reimbursement. Please contact us for more info.

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Thanks to our tailored approach and experienced surgeons, our patients are very satisfied with their operations.

hernia operations without mesh

Thinking about your long-term health

For an optimal result and your health in the long term, we choose to treat your hernia(s) without the use of plastic meshes. We use innovative operation methods that provide a quick recovery and excellent results.

 Minimal risk of recurrence
 No chronic ‘mesh pain’
 Best operation methods for active people

Advantages of our methods

Trusted in elite sports

From World Cup to UEFA Champions League winners: every year our surgeons treat countless top footballers with hernias. Considering top athletes require the very best care, you can rest assured that you will receive the very best hernia care from us.

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How BioHernia works

How does BioHernia work?

More about how everything works when you choose us for an operation by our surgeons.

How biohernia works

hernia operation methods without mesh

Operation methods

Innovative operation methods to repair your hernia without mesh and ensure a durable result for the long term.

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Leader in Europe

The ability to repair a hernia without the use of mesh is a dying art. Across Europe there are only a handful of surgeons left, that can confidently perform these techniques in a similar fashion and with similar results as the Shouldice clinic in Canada. We connect you with these surgeons and help you arrange everything before the operation.

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