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Choose the best hernia care

BioHernia is a healthcare intermediary that connects individuals and elite athletes with the best hernia surgeons in Europe.

hernia operations without mesh

Without mesh

Virtually all of our inguinal hernia operations are performed without the use of plastic mesh.

Covered by insurance

HSE or Private

For both Private and HSE patients we offer tailored hernia surgery without mesh. 

Best surgeons

Top surgeons

With each surgeon performing over 400 hernia operations per year, they are amongst the most elite within their field.

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The effect of plastic meshes in hernia repairs

In a recent broadcast by BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire a light is shed on the negative effects of plastic meshes that are used in hernia repairs. Patients treated with these methods in NHS hospitals explain how it has impacted their daily life.

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How BioHernia distinguishes itself
A comparison with other hospitals and clinics

The quality of hernia care can vary greatly between care providers. BioHernia guarantees that you will receive the best possible care, both in terms of operating methods and in the area of experience of the surgeon.

Hernia repair: with or without mesh?
Comparing hernia surgeons


Practical information
Preparation & the operation

How BioHernia works

How does BioHernia work?

More about how everything works when you choose us for an operation by our surgeons.

How biohernia works

hernia operation methods without mesh

Operation methods

Innovative operation methods to repair your hernia without mesh and ensure a durable result for the long term.

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Inguinal hernia in women
Tailored solutions 

An inguinal hernia is commonly found within men than it is in women. Consequently women are often overlooked, although there is an increased risk of chronic complications in women. Here at BioHernia we offer a tailored approach to this issue.

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BioHernia within elite sports

The professionals in the sports world are often prone to many injuries and demand only the best when it comes to their healthcare, hence why we are their top choice. With BioHernia, you too can also gain access to the same surgeons who operate on these elite athletes.

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