How BioHernia works

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number-one-in-a-circle (1) Contact us

After you reach out to us, we answer you within 24 hours.Together with you we assess your situation and try to find the best solution for your hernia. Consultations and operations are possible in the UK or in Germany. 

number-two-in-a-circle (1) Choosing a place for surgery

There are three possibilities for you to undergo surgery: in London, Munich or Berlin. All three options vary in distance and price. Based on your preferred choice we reserve a place for you to be operated and help you with the preparations.

number-three-in-a-circle (1) Preparing for surgery

Whether you choose to have the surgery in London, Munich or Berlin, we help you to prepare for the operation in every possible way, so that you can focus on your operation and recovery.


What else do we help you with?

Covered by insurance


If you are entitled to some form of reimbursement, we help you to apply for it. BioHernia assists you in all possible ways to ensure that you receive a reimbursement for the operation.

Travel and stay BioHernia

Travel & stay

We work together with local hotels and transport companies to make your travel and stay as pleasant as possible.

recovery and after care BioHernia


You can count on us after the operation. After the operation you mostly need to rest, but if you have any questions we are always there for you! 

number-four-in-circular-button The operation

The operation takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete, and you wake up a little later in the recovery room. After the operation you can walk out of the clinic yourself and you will be back to your hotel room.


number-five-in-circular-button Recovery

After your surgery you are required to stay in the area for several nights, so that the surgeon can give you after care. When you return home, you mainly need adequate rest. Within two weeks you can resume normal activities and after a period of four to six weeks you will have fully recovered and you will be able to carry out all regular and sports activities without any problems.

Frequently Asked

Is the operation performed in a hospital?

No, as the hernia repair is a rather small operation it is performed in a private clinic. Rest assured that you are in safe hands, as our operating theaters are state-of-the-art.

Is there a waiting list for the operation?

In general we have no waiting list. This means that you can always be operated within 2 to 4 weeks.

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